Thursday, 28 February 2008

On approaching foreign strangers

Tonight I attended a gig in Vienna. Four bands I love and one I'd never heard nor heard of. At the gig,we met up with one of my girlfriend's friends, who herself had brought along two of her friends.

I got on quite well with one of the guys, forming a bond over similar music tastes. We watched the first band, and then during the second band - the one I was new to - I saw my new friend standing some way in front of me, so as my girlfriend chatted to her friend, I sidled over and shouted in his ear to be heard above the music, asking who this band was. He replied, a little reticently and went back to watching them. Not to be put off, I began asking him questions about them, and telling him I liked them etc, but all I got was grunts.

This continued for a while, and as the band finished, I stepped back to where my girlfriend was stood, and saw with a slight surprise that she was engaged in conversation to the guy I'd just been talking to.

I looked sheepishly back to where I'd been stood. Yep, it wasn't my new friend at all whose ear I'd been chewing, but some random Austrian chap who looked nothing like him, other than that they both wore glasses.

Beer, low light, and my stupidity do not mix well.

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vickyyy said...

Glad you recommended to start the blog at the beginning because this was hilarious. Well done.