Tuesday, 14 October 2008

On being an inept player

So, having experienced life as a single man for a few weeks now, I have to say I'm beginning to enjoy it. There appears to be something appealing about English barmen over here - I'm not sure exactly what, but I'm not complaining.

I had a couple of nights off this week, and had arranged a date for tonight with a girl I'd met recently. For the purposes of this story, let's call her Girl A. The original plan was that we'd go out last night (Tuesday), but I fancied a night out with my friend, so I'd postponed, and she'd said that was cool since she was planning on meeting friends that night anyway. Perfect.

So, I arranged to meet my friend at my pub - nice working in a place where I actually like to go socially too. Meanwhile, I'd received a text from another girl (Girl B) I'd met whilst working the previous week. She was planning on heading to my pub for drinks and was asking if I was working. I told her no, and said if she was there with friends, I would be too and we could probably combine groups. A plan!

So, myself and my buddy arrived at the pub, and went downstairs to say hi to the guys working that night. As I stood at the bar, I heard my name called, assumed it was Girl B, and turned around to greet her. But no, 'twas instead, to my horror, Girl A. "Hiiiiii!" I uttered nervously, whilst frantically scanning the room for Girl B, "Fancy seeing you here!" We exchanged a few brief words and then I said I had to go see someone upstairs and left.

I took up a table by the door so I could see Girl B arrive if she hadn't already. I received a text from the one downstairs asking us to join them but I said I couldn't stay down there as there was someone I had to avoid. So she announced that she'd be up shortly to join me and my friend. Shit. As I panicked a little about what to do, in walked Girl B with her friends, although she didn't see me and headed straight downstairs. A few moments later, Girl A came up to join us as promised. After a drink with her, I faked a call of nature and headed down to say hi to B.

The night progressed with me moving up and downstairs, alternating between girls, and the barstaff had all cottoned on to what had happened and were chuckling to themselves every time I passed.

It wasn't an entirely comfortable night, but I suppose there are worse problems one could have.

Writing this, I'm reminded of a similar occurence that happened a few years ago back in London - one that really suits the title of this blog.

Having broken up with my long-term girlfriend, Anna, a few months previously, I'd been dating a girl called Camilla for a couple of weeks. We got along great, but I wasn't ready to be in a relationship and got the impression she wanted more from it than I did, so I'd broken it off, and we'd agreed to remain together as friends. We'd been part of the same social circle anyway, and would go to the pub regularly on a Tuesday night for the pub quiz, along with some other friends, including my flatmate, Ana.

Two Anna's already, albeit with different spellings - you can probably guess where this is headed...

Anyways, a couple of weeks had passed since Camilla and I had returned to just being friends, and meanwhile, I'd started seeing a new girl, Paula. It was a Tuesday, so I texted Ana saying "We up for the quiz tonight? Whatever you do, don't mention the new girl in front of Camilla please." I may have worried over nothing but I didn't want to risk any awkwardness.

However, I'm a fucking idiot, and instead of sending that text to Ana, I sent it to Camilla herself. Instantly realising what I'd done, I frantically bashed my phone, but to no avail - the damage was done. I then sent Ana a message saying "Fuck! I just sent Camilla a message meant for you - she knows I'm seeing someone else now. How do I get out of this one?!"

Except I sent that text to the other Anna, my ex.

Camilla hasn't spoken to me since, and Anna was less than amused.

We won the quiz that night though despite being one person short.

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