Wednesday, 10 June 2009

On a very odd man (2)

Hmmm, having one guy regularly providing me with entertaining if
slightly insane snippets of conversation may well mean this blog
receives more updates in future.

Today's conversation:

- Stuart, what is the musician?
- You're gonna have to be a bit more specific there I'm afraid.
- Hmmm... a British musician, from the 60s. Not Bob Marley... the
other one.
- OK. Well, Bob Marley was neither British, nor that active in the 60s.
- No not Bob Marley. The other one.
- The other British musician from the 60s. Let me see...
- Like a rolling stone...
- Ah, Bob Dylan?
- Yes!
- He wasn't British either.
- Bob Dylan. So, does he play? Here?
- Does Bob Dylan play here?! In this pub?!
- No. *thoughtful pause* Is Bob Dylan Bob Dylan?
- Is Bob Dylan Bob Dylan? You're asking me if Bob Dylan is himself?
- Yes. Is Bob Dylan Bob Dylan?

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